DDoS Attacks

Ensuring Business Continuity: Industry Pioneer Thwarts DDoS Attacks with Expert Cybersecurity

Introduction: A trailblazer in the moving industry, known for revolutionizing removals in the residential and commercial sectors through its innovative software platform, faced a daunting challenge. Malicious actors, recognizing the success of this online service, launched Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that seriously threatened its operations. To defend against this onslaught, the company turned to VEFOCUS, a Los Angeles-based Managed Services Provider renowned for its expertise in online security.

The Challenge: DDoS attacks can paralyze any business, but such attacks are particularly perilous for a company operating solely online. These attackers flooded the company’s platform with a barrage of software ‘hits,’ endangering its stability. In response to the urgent situation, the company sought the assistance of VEFOCUS.

The Solution: With a seasoned team specialized in online security, VEFOCUS swiftly responded to the crisis. They implemented a Web Application Firewall to bolster the website’s defences against DDoS attacks, effectively nullifying incoming threats. Importantly, VEFOCUS ensured minimal false positives, ensuring genuine customer visits were not mistaken for malicious activity. The firewall’s robust graphical reporting capabilities provided insight into the platform’s security status, enabling early threat detection and rapid response.

The Results: Thanks to VEFOCUS’s intervention, the company’s online platform now operates seamlessly and without disruptions. Guided by VEFOCUS, the company’s management successfully navigated the crisis, and the business is again flourishing. The company’s owner expressed his gratitude to VEFOCUS for their support, highlighting the seamless collaboration and the positive impact on their workflow. This partnership represents a significant victory for the company, paving the way for sustained success in its industry.