Migration Microsoft Office 365

Enhancing Business Efficiency with Microsoft Office 365: A VE Focus Case Study

Introduction: This case study delves into the strategic decision of a multinational corporation to partner with VE Focus to address the challenges posed by an aging infrastructure and foster better internal and global communication. This client, a long-time user of Lotus Notes®, was facing compatibility issues with external clients and experiencing limitations due to small email box sizes. The impending expensive upgrade prompted the company to explore alternatives and consider its long-term technology future.


  1. Compatibility issues with Lotus Notes® when sharing information with external clients.
  2. Small individual email boxes require double the server space.
  3. Impending costly software license renewal.

Solution: VE Focus recommended transitioning to the Microsoft Office 365™ cloud productivity suite, incorporating Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint® Online. Our services encompassed a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis, migration supervision, and staff training, resulting in significant benefits for the client:


  • A 100x increase in individual mailbox capacity.
  • Improved sharing of emails, calendars, and other information.
  • Reduced licensing fees and hardware costs.

Addressing Client Concerns: The client initially had reservations about transitioning to a cloud-based Microsoft® infrastructure, given the familiarity and reliability of Lotus Notes. Key concerns included:

  1. Encouraging headquarters and satellite offices to embrace a new system.
  2. Minimizing the disruption of a companywide cloud migration.
  3. Ensuring sufficient value in terms of efficiencies and cost savings.

The Office 365 Advantage: VEFocus proposed a cloud-based Microsoft® solution centered around Office 365™, addressing the client’s apprehensions:

  • Seamless transition with Microsoft’s familiar interface, requiring minimal user retraining.
  • A six-year cost analysis demonstrated cost savings compared to Lotus Notes®.
  • Elimination of additional upgrade expenses.
  • Enhanced collaboration and compatibility through Microsoft Exchange.
  • Robust security and compliance capabilities.

Successful Migration: To tackle the challenges of transitioning a large number of employees across multiple offices, VE Focus leveraged strong project management and planning expertise:

  • Collaboration with the client’s IT staff throughout migration.
  • Process refinement, scripting, and automation for efficient operations.
  • Training and communication to facilitate technology adaptation.
  • Deployment of hybrid servers on-premises for streamlined mail administration.

Migration and Deployment Outcomes:

  • Increased mailbox sizes by over a hundredfold.
  • Improved calendar sharing with external parties.
  • Enhanced collaboration and access to continually updated systems.
  • Reduced hardware and licensing expenses.
  • Redirected resources for internal projects and system optimization.

The Results:: This case study exemplifies VE Focus’s commitment to enhancing business efficiency through strategic technology solutions. The successful transition to Microsoft Office 365™ not only addressed immediate challenges but positioned the client for future growth and innovation in the ever-evolving business landscape.